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Hvilken stat i USA blir den første til å legalisere cannabis som alkohol?

2012 juni 11
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by Anita Nyholt

Flere stater i USA skal stemme på ulike forslag til legalisering og regulering av cannabis i år. Nyeste rapport fra Colorado viser 61% JA til «Regulerer cannabis som alkohol». Valget er samme dag som presidentvalget 6. november.

Washington blir nevnt sammen med de andre som skal stemme over «å selge marihuana som alkohol», men det har vært vanskelig å sette seg inn i hva man egentlig stemmer over. Mange er kritiske til forslaget, bla skriver Sensible Washington:

«Those who support cannabis law reform need to get behind efforts such as Colorado’s Amendment 64, and Oregon’s Measure 80, and reject such faulty reform as Initiative 502.»

«Unlicensed cannabis will still be illegal, including personal «grows» in one’s own home, except for medical cannabis as regulated under RCW 69.51A.»

Derfor er det mange som er mer spent på hva som skjer i Colorado.

6. november: Livesending med valgresultater fra Colorado kan følges her i natt!

En rapport fra Rasmussen Reports sier at 61% støtter forslaget:
Sixty-one percent (61%) of Likely Voters in Colorado favor legalizing marijuana if it is regulated the way alcohol and cigarettes are. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the Centennial State shows that 27% of voters oppose legalization even with government regulation, while 12% are undecided.

I TV-kampanjen «Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol» ser vi en ung kvinne sende en e-post til sin mor hvor hun forklarer hvorfor hun foretrekker marihuana fremfor alkohol:
“I used to drink a lot. It was kind of crazy. But now that I am older, I prefer to use marijuana. It’s less harmful to my body, I don’t get hungover and honestly I feel safer around marijuana users.»

I en annen tv-reklame hører vi en mann fortelle hva han mener i en mail til sin far.

NBC News 21. 10.12:
«Feds not changing marijuana policy, even if 3 states legalize it, US official says.»

Colorado stemmer 6. november over om cannabis skal reguleres som alkohol.
Regjeringen har allerede gitt beskjed om at de ikke vil endre cannabislovgivningen.

Oversatt til norske forhold blir situasjonen som om Oslo bystyre hadde bestemt at man skulle åpne lovlige utsalgssteder for hasj og marihuana, men regjeringen sier nei, og at de vil bruke politi for å stoppe det. Det spennende er at de planlegger å gjøre det allikevel – hvis folket stemmer det frem.

Kampanjeside for Colorado – yes to ad 64!

Supportere i Colorado:

• More than 300 Colorado physicians from more than 65 cities and towns

• More than 130 college professors from across Colorado and around the nation

• More than two dozen Colorado clergy and faith leaders

• Former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo

• San Miguel County Board of County Commissioners

• State Sen. Shawn Mitchell

• State Rep. Jonathan Singer

• Chris Nevitt, Council Member, Denver City Council

• Andrea Mérida, Board Member, Denver Public Schools Board of Education

• Karen Kellen, President, Lakewood City Council

• Bob Vermeulen, Council Member, Golden City Council

• Christine Berg, Council Member, Lafayette City Council

• Leo McKinney, Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem, Glenwood Springs City Council

• Tanya Ishikawa, Council Member, Federal Heights City Council

• Thom Carnevale, Council Member, Telluride Town Council

• Karin Teague, Council Member, Basalt Town Council

• Dennis Wied, Council Member, Cañon City

• Gary Brovetto, Council Member, Woodland Park City Council

• Art Goodtimes, County Commissioner, San Miguel County Commission

• Frosty Merriott, Trustee, Carbondale Board of Trustees

• John M. Bauer, Berthoud Town Trustee

• Doug K. Wilson, Colorado State Public Defender

• Paul Weissmann, Former Colorado Senator and State House Majority Leader

• Bob Hagedorn, Former Colorado State Senator

• Gary Lindstrom, Former Colorado State Representative, Summit County Commissioner, and police officer

• Bob Crane, Former Colorado State Representative

• Crystal Gray, Former Deputy Mayor, City of Boulder

• Paul Danish, Former Boulder City Councilman and Boulder County Commissioner

• Ed Bruder, Former Trustee, Lyons Board of Trustees

• Kim Cordova, President, United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 7

• Cindy Lowery-Graber, Chair, Democratic Party of Denver

• Rosemary Harris Lytle, President, NAACP Colorado Montana Wyoming State Conference

• Dan Schoen, Executive Director, Colorado Criminal Defense Bar

• Miriam Peña, Co-Executive Director, Colorado Progressive Coalition

• Jason McKain, Co-Executive Director, Colorado Progressive Coalition

• Steve Fenberg, Executive Director, New Era Colorado

• Hon. Leonard J. Frieling, Former Municipal Judge, City of Lafayette

• Sean McAllister, Former Colorado Assistant Attorney General

• Lauren Davis, Former Denver Senior Deputy District Attorney

• Ann Toney, Former Deputy District Attorney in Colorado’s Seventh, Ninth and Eighteenth Judicial Districts

• Titus Peterson, Former Deputy District Attorney, Colorado’s Fifth Judicial District

• Robert Knepel, Former Deputy District Attorney, Colorado’s Nineteenth Judicial District

• Tony Ryan, Former Police Lieutenant, Denver Police Dept.

• Jason Thomas, Former Deputy Town Marshal, Town of Holly; former Detention Officer, Prowers County Jail

• Lynda Carter, Former Police Officer, Polk County Sheriff’s Department and Eagle Lake Police Department (FL), Pagosa Springs

• Griffin Lott, Former Senior Patrol Deputy and Field Training Officer, Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TX), Denver

• Tim Allport, Former Colorado Correctional Officer and Drug Treatment Specialist, Federal Bureau of Prisons

• Dr. Erika Joye, PhD, Nationally Certified School Psychologist

• Ved Nanda, Board Member, Colorado Interfaith Alliance; Honorary President, World Jurist Association; Former Honorary Vice President, American Society of International Law; Advisory Council Member, United States Institute of Human Rights; Former United States Delegate and Executive Council Vice-Chair, World Federation of the United Nations Associations-Geneva; Former Board Member, United Nations Association-USA; Elected Member, American Law Institute; Council member, American Bar Association Section of International Law

Et par innlegg fra kommentarfeltet hos NBC:
«I can’t believe the Government uses are tax dollars to go after states that vote to legalize a drug like marijuana. If a state votes then it should be law. The government should stay away from state issues. It is none of there business. This country was founded on for the people not for the government. I am not a user of marijuana. Prohibition was a complete failure just like the drug war. I see more upside in legalizing it than not. The government would receive billions of dollars in new taxes. If people want to use it let them. I have never heard of a person that is high going on a killing spree. I sure see a lot of deaths from alcohol though.»

«I don’t smoke, drink, or take drugs but it’s time the federal government stays out of state issues and put an end to this ridiculous war on drugs; a war that they will never win. The bottom line is it’s all about the money; the Justice Department need the funding they get for arresting people that chose to smoke marijuana, a drug they’ve been studying for 50 years (and countless amounts of money) trying to prove that it is harmful with no success.»

Denne siden hos folkeaksjonen LUHM vil bli holdt oppdatert med informasjon om hvilke stater i USA som skal eller har fjernet straffetrussel for bruk og besittelse og som har vedtatt eller holder på med arbeid for å regulere cannabis som alkohol.

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  1. oktober 27, 2012

    In a poll conducted between Tuesday and Thursday, Public Policy Polling has Colorado’s Amendment 64 marijuana legalization initiative winning, with 53% of respondents saying they would vote for it. Only 43% were opposed, with 5% still undecided.

    The number is up slightly from recent polls, one of which had the measure leading by a margin of 48% to 43%. The second recent poll had the measure at 50%, with 40% opposed.

    What had begun to appear as shrinking support among women voters in those two recent polls appears to have reversed in this latest poll. It has women supporting Amendment 64 by a margin of 50% to 46%.

    Fra kommentarfeltet:

    «Awesome I really hope this passes in the important swing state of Colorado, and I’m not even American.

    The Americans started prohibition and persuaded the rest of the world to go along with it. Prohibition is now international law, but if the US federal government allows states to legalise then why should the rest of the world continue to go along with it and honour their international agreements when the country that started it won’t honour their commitment to prohibition.

    Think how a Mexican might see this, they might be thinking something like «why the hell should we continue to suffer in a pointless drug war just to honour our international agreement to prohibit the stuff when the country consuming the stuff won’t stick the their part of the bargin to prohibit it?»

    One day I think this heap of crap called cannabis prohibition will collapse like a house of cards.

    But the real problem is that politicians thought it was popular so they built their careers on supporting it – now they don’t want to back down in case they risk losing face.»

  2. Karl Ivar permalink
    juni 11, 2012

    Kanskje folkeaksjonen LUHM skulle prøve å få noen ivrige reklamestudenter fra Westerdahls til å lage en liten youtube reklame 🙂

    • juni 12, 2012

      Ja, jeg tror at tiden er moden for det nå.

      Hvis noen har lyst til å lage en filmsnutt på 1-2 minutter så er dette utgangspunktet:

      Folkeaksjonen lovlige utsalgssteder for hasj og marihuana ønsker en løsning på den usikkerheten mange føler ved gatesalg av hasj, det uregulerte salget som skjer til barn og ungdom, og den kriminalitet som vokser fram i og rundt de miljøer hvor salget foregår.

      Vi mener at den politikken som praktiseres nå er en belastning for ungdommer, foreldre, skattebetalerne, politiet, og voksne mennesker som bruker og bør ha lov til å bruke hasj på en ansvarlig måte.

      Vårt hovedpoeng er at det vil ha større samfunnsnytte å få salget inn i regulerte former, gjennom lovlige utsalgssteder med aldersgrense, avgifter og varedeklarasjon.

      • Stian Ankjær-Jensen permalink
        november 6, 2012

        Jeg stiller meg gledelig til disposisjon til noe slikt, jeg er ikke så god på film men kan jobbe fint med bilder og kan stille opp til stortsett hva som helst innen et sånt prosjekt. det hørest ut som en meget fin ide

        • november 7, 2012

          Jeg tar kontakt med deg når vi får noen som har god kompetanse og erfaring med på laget 🙂

          • Stian Ankjær-Jensen permalink
            november 7, 2012

            Jeg har ettersøkt noen selv, jeg har ett godt nettverk når man benytter 6ledd regelen 😉

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